China Glaze Mummy May I

Mummy May I is from the new China Glaze Awakening Collection for Halloween 2010. We don´t celebrate Halloween in my country but I still love polishes that come in these collection as they are usually dark. I knew I had to have Mummy May I from the first promo pictures I saw. I was a bit scared about the application as I read it was not easy on other blogs. I don´t have any problems with it. I suppose it is good to wait a few minutes between the coats to let them dry. I love the fact that you only need two coats on this one. Mummy May I has a dark purple jelly base with magneta glitter. Once you have two coats the base color turns nearly black. My thoughts about it? I LOVE it!!!

And the removal? I know a lot of you are scared of glitters but if you try the foil method it will be easy :)


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