OPI Muppets Collection Holiday 2011 - Swatches and Review

I think it is about time to show you this year´s holiday collection from OPI. I love holiday collections from OPI and I know that many of you like me eagerly wait for the collection to come out each year. This year we have a lot of glitter too. I am sure all of you have already seen the collection ten million times plus one but here are my pictures and my thoughts about it:

This polish is perfect when you want to feel festive but can´t wear glitter or red, green. If you need a worksafe polish the this should be your choice. The fun starts when you look at the close-up. Two coats.

I think that when it comes to bronze polishes OPI makes one of the best ones. I like this one too. The combination of bronze, gold and a bit of pink is beautiful. Three coats here but two thick could be ok too.
I can´t imagine a holiday collection without a red. This one is very bright. I didn´t have the nail line so visible in real life, it just shows like this on the pictures. Two coats.

One of my favourites. I know, this colour is not extremely special but I still like it. Love the finish it has. Two coats.
Once the brush with Wocka Wocka! touches your nail you will fall in love with it. This is so much pigmented that you will need only one coat and the formula is perfect! One coat.
In the bottle I didn´t pay this one much attention but I really liked how it looks on the nails. This also very well pigmented. I did two coats but you could use just one.

Next are the six glitters. To tell the truth I don´t like to use these on their own, I think they are much much better as layering polishes. So this is my way of wearing them. I used a base OPI polish and the one coat of each glitter. 

I know a bit unusal combination but I like it :) The base is OPI Planks A Lot. Lately there have been many similar polishes from different brands and I will show you a small comparison soon.
Base is OPI Don´t Mess With OPI. 
Base is OPI Austintatious Turquoise. I think these two look great together, really like this combination.
My favourite of all the glitters in this collection over OPI Purple-Opolis.
This is so festive. I used the great one coater from this collection Wocka Wocka! as a base.
This glitter is a bit different than the rest in this collection and it is much more opaque. On the picture I have one coat over OPI My Address Is "Hollywood".

This will sound really weird but I don´t know the Muppets much, I never watched them...I grew on totally different things. So I can´t say how much the colours from this collection coordinate with the characters nor do I understand the names of the polishes. So I look at these as just 12 new polishes from OPI :)
I like the first part of the collection a lot. I will wear all of these colours, which does not happen very often. I do have a problem with the glitters though. I tried to use them on their own but I didn´t like the way it looked much. So instead I wear them layered on a coordinating base colour or over black. 
As I said, I know you have seen these so many times but I would still love to hear your thoughts on them :)

P.S Don´t forget about the foil method when removing your glitters. You can find my small tutorial here.

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