Illamasqua Body Electrics Collection (Summer 2010) Preview

I have been raving about Illamasqua in the past and this month we all have another reason for that. They are launching a brand new summer collection next weekend, so let´s have a look at what is coming. I have to say that I am really curious about the polishes (would be strange if I wouldn´t), but also about the palette, liquid metal and the illumine oils. I am so excited! What about you?
Click on the pictures for a full size.

Nad značkou Illamasqua jsem se už v minulosti roplývala. Tenhle měsíc k tomu bdeme mít všichni další důvod. Příští víkend vyjde jejich nová kolekce, tak se pojďme mrknout na to, co nás čeká. Musím se přiznat, že jsem moc zvědavá na laky (bylo by divné, kdybych nebyla), ale taky na tu paletku, liquid metal a rozjasňující olejíčky. Jsem na ně moc zvědavá! A co vy?
Klikněte na obrázky, zobrazí se v plné velikosti.

Illamasqua says: "Body Electrics is inspired by the power of kinetic energy, the art of movement, the fluidity of the body in motion. The collection is an anthology of creams, powders and dry body oils infused with light, shimmer and shine, designed to highlight and contour your whole body."

Jo’mina – Bright Lilac

Force - Deep Blue

Prism – Iridescent Blue
Liquid Metal 4-Colour Palette 01
Indulge in a myriad of metallic shades and gild your work of art.
Liquid Metal in ‘Surge’
Prepare to dazzle with this brand new platinum shade of Illamasqua’s cult product Liquid Metal.

Illumine Oils:
Create a sultry shimmer with an after-dark edge. Smooth Illumine Oil over skin for a light-reflecting finish that makes every movement a drama.
Volt – Iridescent Violet Shimmer
Pulse – Bronze Shimmer


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