Illamasqua Generation Q Nail Varnish in Charisma and Creator - Swatches and Review

Oh I just love this time of the year - time for Illamasqua´s new collection! Will it be a surprise for you if I say that the new collection is yet again full of creativity and inspiration? I am so excited about the Generation Q collection and I already have a huge wishlist ready! I am sure you have already seen the beautiful images connected with the collection so I will just hop right onto the Nail Varnishes.

The new collection has two new Nail Varnishes and here are my swatches. As always I just want to remind you that I take my pictures under natural indoor light with no flash or sun. This is how the polishes will look like in real person:



I was so excited when I first opened the box and saw them and my excitement lasts until today! I am so in love with these two. It is as if Illamasqua would do exactly the polishes I like to wear. Adding the quality of Illamasqua what more could you want? Both of these apply effortlessly and cover in two coats. I can´t even decide which one I like more...Charisma or Creator? Both of them will be available very soon here.

I promise you that I will be doing comparisons very soon so watch out if there is anything close to these two.

Let me know which one you like!


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