Illamasqua Generation Q Collection - SOPHIE, Magnetism and Wisdom

Here I am again to have a look at some other products from the new Illamasqua collection. I took my time with these because for me reviewing makeup is not like nail polish. With nail polish I know if it is good from the first try, but I must try make up a bit longer. 

I already showed you the two beautiful Nail Varnishes Charisma and Creator here. Now I want to show you how they look together. I absolutely love this combination!

Illamasqua makes great blushes, they are one of their best products. They have a great range of matte blushes and now started making more and more shimmer blushes. I am still deeply in love with Morale, which I use very often and I was really happy I got to try this one too. I can never resist a nice coral. Illamasqua describes this as a golden coral shimmer. The application is even and buildable and the result on my skin is really nice. The shimmer is nice, it doesn´t shine too much.

Now this was a surprise. You know I love Illamasqua lipsticks even though many don´t like the slightly more dry and matte texture. Magnetism is something else. They managed to combine the great staying power of their lipsticks with creaminess. So wow! You will love this one!

Precision Inks are something I use nearly every single day. I can´t live without them I even rock the golden one (Alchemy) sometimes. The only one I did not like that much was the white one, it just did not suit me. On the other hand Wisdom is very wearable. It is a great fall colour and and will go with many eyeshadows. I can´t complain about the application or staying power, this product is a favourite!


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