Removing Glitter Polish: The Foil Method

Glitter nail polish is great but can be a real pain removing it. Some people even have a glitterphobia (I had it too). It is such a shame not to wear glitter polishes just beacuse of the removal, so today I have for you a post about one of the methods that make it easy...the foil method. Lets have a look at it step by step:

Before you start, prepare these things:
1. nail polish remover
2. cotton pads
3. foil
4. scissors
5. cuticle cream

So obviously you also need your nails with a glitter nail polish on :D (I have Nubar Petunia Sparkle)

Take one cotton pad and cut it into half (or even on quarters...what you like more). Put you nail polish remover on the pad and the place then pad on your nail:

Cut the foil into smaller pieces and wrap it around your finger with the cotton pad and remover:

Now do the exact same thing on all your fingers. Then leave the foil on for about 5 - 8 minutes (go watch TV, read a book, just relax):

After 5 - 8 minutes remove the foil and cotton pad. All your glitter will be on the pad and your nail is clean. Effortless :)

Now because soaking your fingers 8 minutes in a nail polish remover isn´t very good for your cuticles (they will be dry) put on your favourite cuticle cream :) I like Lush Lemony Flutter and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

So this is it...nothing copmlicated. It is very simple :) Now tell me...what is your favourite glitter polish and how do you remove it?


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